A system that assists any trades business to be successful so they can do the things they enjoy after work.

Our Founders

Having run a successful building business for over 10 years, business partners Mark and Cherie Glasgow were frustrated with the trades specific software resources on the market. They ranged from very expensive, extravagant, hard to use packages, to one job wonders that asked you to buy separate products to produce the outcome needed. They couldn't find just one product that cut through the hogwash and offered the key features that a trades business needed to be successful.

Tired, frustrated and keen to get organised once and for all, tradezquote was born!


Since using tradezquote my business has become easier to operate, I can create client files, invoices and variations and send them on site straight away. Terms and conditions, progress payment schedules, this system has everything you need

Ben - Managing Director

F1rst Cut Carpentry & Maintenance

I would highly recommend “tradezquote” to other tradies as it makes the whole paperwork trail from the initial client phone call to completion of the project so much easier. Also, I received very positive feedback from customers and subcontractors about the communication platform

Ron - Director

Allied Renovations & Construction

This program has been a god send to my business. It really is a service developed by builders for builders. Before tradezquote I was working across 4 platforms and now I work with one. Thank you tradezquote for making my life easier.

Callan - Director

Raise My House

A Message
from the Creators

A Message
from the Creators

There are always ways to improve on how we do things, whether that's to spend more time with family, manage your days better, enjoy life more, to be a better communicator and manager or even just being able to catch more fish when you go fishing. You name it.  There is always room for improvement and change generally starts with something small.

We started developing this system many years ago through experience and lessons we learnt (both good and bad) and it has grown from a 4 page excel template to its current form and we want to share it.

We know this system will help your business like it has helped ours. If you would like to spend more time doing the things you want to do, instead of the things you 'have' to do.

We hope you enjoy being a part of our movement to make trade professionals' lives easier. If there is anything we can do to help you within this program, let us know on the contact page.

Kind regards,

Mark and Cherie Glasgow

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