We know that new things can be scary so we have set up the most frequently asked questions and a handy helpful tips series to get you started in your tradezquote journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access/sign in to Tradezquote, once I've signed up?

When you sign up to Tradezquote, you enter your preferred domain name. To login, type the domain name into your browser (you should receive an email with the domain if you've lost the details). It will be the domain name you chose, with .tradezquote.com after it.

To make it easy to find your domain in the future, bookmark or add it to your favourites on all of your electronic devices (smart phone, tablet, PC)

How do I get my Tradezquote login to appear as an App on my iPhone or iPad?

1. Enter your Tradezquote domain name into Safari or your preferred browser.

2. Once your are on your login screen, select the middle icon on the bottom of your browser as highlighted in yellow below:

3. Scroll through the grey action buttons and select 'Add to Home Screen':

4. Rename the App if you wish, and select 'Add':

Can I track my billing/usage and if so, how?

Yes you can, once you have logged in to your tradezquote.com business domain, you can find this in your settings page in the details section. To access this follow these steps:

  1. Go to the top right hand side of any page and select the 'settings' icon and then go to 'Details':

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Billing.

  3. Select the orange button 'View Billing':

Does Tradezquote integrate with my locally based accounting software?

No! We can only intergrate with some Cloud based accounting software. Don't worry, you can still send an invoice through the system though, you will need to print off the pdf copy and manually enter it into your accounting system.

Can I save copies of emails from outlook into the job file?

Yes! to do this, follow these steps:


Option 1
  1. Select the Job folder where you would like to save a copy of the email.
  2. Open the Documents folder by selecting the Icon on the left hand side.
  3. Drag the email from outlook onto your desktop screen.
  4. Re-select the email from your desktop and drag it onto the tradezquote.com documents screen.
Option 2
  1. Select the Job folder where you would like to save a copy of the email.
  2. Open the Documents folder by selecting the Documents Icon on the left hand side.
  3. Drag the email from outlook onto your desktop screen or a local folder.
  4. Select the 'Upload Files' button on the tradezquote.com screen
  5. Locate your file in the folder you saved it in.
  6. Select the saved email and select 'open'.

How do I adjust an Invoice during a project?

The invoices are prepared from the 'Payments Schedule' component of the Quoting section. You cannot adjust/edit an invoice once the quote has been accepted. However, you can update/edit an invoice by creating/sending a variation. Follow these steps to adjust your invoice list:

  1. In your 'Active' projects folder, select the project where the invoice amount needs to be altered or updated.
  2. Select the 'Mangement' icon, then select the orange button 'New' where a drop down box will appear, select 'Variation Advice'.
  3. Enter the details of the variation and send to your client (as you would for a quote) for acceptance.
  4. If accepted by the client (or manually accepted by you - if you don't require the client's acceptance), the invoice section will update to include the variation amount. You can now send the adjustment invoice seperately or add to another invoice from the original payment schedule. To do this go to the active job folder, locate the project and select 'Invoicing'.

How do I create and send an Invoice?

Tradezquote.com does it for you. When you create a project and the quote is accepted, the software prepares invoices based on the information you entered into your 'Payment Schedule'. You can find these invoices in the job file under the invoicing tab. Once you've completed a section of the project you can mark that section as complete using the icons:

The paper plane icon, indicates the invoice has been sent. The green tick icon indicates the work has been completed for this section of the project and the invoice is ready to send. The red X icon indicates a part of the project that hasn't been completed yet.

Be sure to use the 'View' button, to preview your invoice before sending to your client.

Once you have sent an invoice to a client, the 'Send' button will change to 'Resend'.

Warning: Please ensure you have entered all of your business, bank details, payment terms and your business logo (to give your invoice a professional look) in the 'Settings' section of tradezquote.com, to ensure the correct details appear on your invoices.

Does Tradezquote generate Customers in my Cloud based accounting software?

Yes (if you have successfully linked your accounting software to your tradezquote.com)! When you send your first invoice, Tradezquote will automatically upload the invoice and customer details to your Cloud based accounting software. Currrently Tradezquote is compatible with MYOB Essentials, MYOB AccountRight Live and RECKON One.

Can I back up my job files?

Yes! There is a download button on each job file. Just go into the job's 'Detail' section and you will find it there (see yellow highlight):

How do I allocate a project to different staff members?

You can create a Job Card in the management folder when you have a project at quoting or active stage. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Go to the project job folder;
2. Select the 'Mangement' tab;
3. Select 'New' then 'Job Card' from the drop-down box;
4. Then select the '+ Name' where you can then select the appropriate staff member.


To manage and keep your staff details up to date, you can do this via the homescreen via the 'Staff' button.


What does it mean when the minimal access box is ticked in the staff section?

This is for the bare minimum of staff access and is the system default selection, when you are managing what your staff can and can't do within Tradezquote. The clearance levels grow from this point. With only the minimum access button selected, all the staff member can see when they login, is the job card and the staff documents, plans etc that you selected to share with them in the documents folder. The staff member or subcontractor will have a blank home screen when they login until they are allocated a job card or project.

How do I create and save a new Client's details if the project is not ready to quote yet?

To create a new Client file generated from a lead or at very early stages of tendering a project (but is perhaps waiting on plans or approvals), you can do this by following these steps:

1. Select the grey 'Client' Button on the home screen;

2. Select 'New Client' (Centre Top of screen);

3. Enter the Client details in the specifies areas and press 'Save'.

Once the client details are saved into the system, you can easily start a quote from the 'New Project' button on the home screen. Once you start entering the client name into the client box, they will appear in a drop-down list. If the client isn't appearing in the drop down list, you can create a new client record from this point by clicking on '+ Create New Client'.

Is it possible to delete a revision quote?

No. When you revise a quote for a client, you are still able to access (and copy your original quote and items). To create a Revision in the job folder, follow these steps:

1. In a projects Quote section, select 'Add'
2. A drop down will appear with all previous versions/Revisions of the quote.
3. Select which Revision you would like to copy from and the system will automatically copy the previous Revision and create a new Revison for you to edit and resend.


When a client accepts a quote, the revisied quote in which they accepted will be the one that creates an active folder. All other revisions are in the back ground for future reference.

What are the legal requirements on signatures? If a client hits the accept button, does this then form a legal binding agreement?

Probably not, but you will need to seek your own legal advice from a solicitor around this matter. Where required, you will still need to get you clients to sign a regulation approved contract, where the law commands it is required. Tradezquote does allow you to easily scan and upload a hard copy signed contracts into the documents folder for filing purposes. You can choose to share these with staff or clients from this point.

What is the difference between an SOA Quote and a non SOA Quote?

The SOA (Standing Offer Arrangement) section is when you have a pre agreed set of rates with your builder or client. You can create these rates on the Standing Offer tab on the home screen. If you have an active SOA with a client and the project you are doing is under this agreement, you can easily create a job folder for this to an SOA, the program loads all of the pre agreed pricing into the job folder where you can create a job file and invoice the project as usual. The invoicing section for an SOA has been designed so you only need to enter quantities per item, select the 'accepted' button and then send an invoice. This streamlines your invoicing process.

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